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With the new norm of a geographically distributed workforce, there isn't an organization that is not a prime target for scammers looking to trick staff into sending payments to a fraudulent bank account. 

If your current best defense is relying on your staff to be able to spot and thwart these increasingly sophisticated schemes, your risk exposure may be greater than you think.

Our co-presenters, recent co-authors of the white paper Guarding Against Social Engineering Fraud, will walk through how most common business email compromise and social engineering scams take advantage of manual processes for vendor management, and offer practical actionable steps your organization can take to protect against payments fraud.  

Key takeaways:

  • The anatomy of a successful social engineering payments fraud scam 
  • Key ways your verification process will likely fail to detect a fraud
  • What role insurance coverage can play in managing your risk (and what you ask your broker)

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